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"Industry founded on an ardent love and insatiable enthusiasm for music must be fueled by constant and diligent inquiry."
-Johann Joachim Quantz

Welcome to my website!  I am a professional bassoon  performer and instructor in the New York City area.  This website has information on my background and current projects.

I am an experienced performer in orchestral, chamber, and solo settings.  To find out more, or to view my full CV, click on the about link above.  You can also hear some of my recent solo performances under the recordings link above.

I have experience teaching private students and group classes at the college and pre-college levels.  If you are interested in private bassoon lessons, click on the lessons link above.

Recent news: 

Reeds Amis has released a new album of chamber music featuring recently discovered reed trios by Fernande Decruck! You can buy the album here.

Soon to be released: a recording of the newly discovered work for reed trio, Orientales, by Decruck

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